Quality Parameters

Product quality

We are your partner for regenerative energy from agricultural biomass. PKS are the modern version of the well-known enegy wood fuel or wood chips. Today every on can efficiently heat with this renewable resource. Our palm kernel shell comes in the A1 Quality.

Product parameter

Our Palm Kernel Shell is delivered as DIN EN ISO 17225-6 and generates a hating value of 3’668.8kWh/m3 or 4.711kWh/kg (as-received). The homogeneous PKS product has a moisture content between 13% – 18%, the size of the shell is between 0.5-2.0 cm and has a bulk density of 611kg/m3. The Nitrogen is at 0.36% (m/m) and produces about 11% leas asch than the W40/W50 wood chips.

The following table shows the enhancement to expect when adding PKS to wood chips.PKS und Holzschnitzel

Palm Kernel Shell application

The product can be economically used in heating grids in a comunity of at least 8 units, with at least a 70KW combustion plant.

Palm Kernel Shell accumulation, processing and exporting

amtradeco is foscused on eduating the emplyees and maintain a transparent production process. Our efforts are based on a continiouse imporvement. Our processing in Calabar enhances the dry biomass into a most homogeneous product, by separating from impurities, screening the size and washing with fresh sweet water. The export process is supported by further quality measures.

Please contact our client support for more details on the delivered quality.

palm kernel shell quality management