Palm Kernel Shell

Describtion to Palm Kernel Shell

Our “Class A1” quality product is an attractive renewable and sustainable energy and heating fuel used at biomass and wood power and heating plants. It is an agricultural biomass, ideal in co-firing with wood chips. The homogeneous PKS product has moisture content at 13% – 18%, the size of the shell is between 0.5-2.0 cm and the gross energy won at dry stage is at about 21GJ/t.

The Palm Kernel Shell is a by product in the oil palm processing. Our raw material, called Palm Kernel Shell (PKS), accounts for 5% of every Fresh Fruit Bunch processed to palm oil.

Description after processing

The Palm Kernel Shells sourced and processed by our operations is classified as DIN EN 14961-2, Class A1 wood dry biomass and as DIN EN ISO 17225-6 , non wood dry biomass (agricultural by product). Our processing in Calabar enhances the dry biomass into a most homogeneous product. This means most parameters are better than the best wood fuel and is rated with an emission factor of zero.

Description to the marketing

Our marketing activities include palm kernel shell either on a pricipal basis, where we take ownership of the palm kernel shells, or on a agency basis, based on a marketing agreement.

We deliver our palm kernel shells to major heating and electricity production companies. The major incoterms are FOB, CIF, DDP and delivered into the silo.

Please contact our client support for more details on commercial deliveries.

Logistics of PKS from Nigeria to Power Plant