Consulting Services

amtradeco offers business-, strategy deployment consulting & project management services

Due to our experiences delivering successful business-, strategy development and projects, we provide our clients with the business and deployment skills needed to drive their considerations.

energy management services

  • Are you intrested in the energy management system (ISO 50001)
  • Are you about to be audited by the air polution administation
  • Are you intrested in evaluating a combustions or gasifications power plant
  • Are you evaluating or intrested in dry Biomass for your energy contracting
  • Are you intrested in optimizing your dry biomass power plant for more energy production
  • Are you looking for a financing opportunity for a new biomass power or heating plant

Trading, logistics and industrial servicesproject-management-services-construction-nigeria-amtradeco

  • Are you sourcing for raw material from Nigeria
  • Are you willing to import goods to Switzerland
  • Are you looking for a new logistik rout to or from Switzerland

We seek to imporve our clients performance though methodical approches.

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